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Topic: Anxiety and University

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  1. Guest_681
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    4 April 2019

    I've just started my first year of nursing after transferring from science, and have had a history of anxiety and depression through school. Around two months ago I slowly came off antidepressants to try and use other coping mechanisms to deal with this, however it didn't really work and left me feeling more anxious than ever.

    Going back on my medication, I've had a rough start with side effects of increased anxiety and panic attacks (common apparently when re-starting medication, with the belief that anxiety gets worse before improving), but this is making University incredibly difficult. I live almost an hour away by tram and it's gotten to the point where I get so anxious on the tram I either have to get off, just wanting to go back home, or arrive at Uni/to my classes with waves of panic and fear.

    Has anyone else experienced something similar? I love my course a lot but am in a real pickle as to how I'm supposed to try and balance all this!

  2. MsPurple
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    4 April 2019 in reply to Guest_681

    Hi tallulahh and welcome to the forums

    I myself also struggled with anxiety at Uni, and also went on and off medication.

    Half the battle was admitting I had a problem and being open to getting help so I want to commend you and making that step.

    I myself had access to a youth mental health service called headspace. I went there for help and was able to get therapy through them. I found it helpful. They also have an online counselling section on www.eheadspace.org.au See if this could be an option for you

    One thing I want to suggest to you is having a look at your Universities disability services. I thought this was only for physical disabilities, but mental illness can qualify also (note need to get some forums filled out by gp/therapist, which was simple enough). They can help you along your career journey. I was able to get special consideration for placement, allowing me to get one day off every three weeks for appointments. They don't tell your coordinator about your disability, so it is all confidential (note a diabetic can join disability services, and my friend a type 1 diabetic did). They can help you juggle it. I think have a look at your local university counselling service (usually attached to disability services) and see how they can assist you. I only found this service in my last semester which was a same.

    It can be hard to juggle, especially if you are having a flare up, but I promise it is possible. Even if you have to reduce the load for a bit.

  3. Childatheart
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    6 April 2019 in reply to MsPurple
    Hello tallulahh, just wanted to give some support as well. I agree with what MsPurple said. I haven't been in your situation before tallulahh, but I hope things go well for you and you find a balance. Good luck. 😊

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