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Topic: Anxiety at school!

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  1. youcantknow
    youcantknow avatar
    34 posts
    15 March 2019
    I have been finding it really hard coping with my anxiety at school! I've been having to leave class and just go to the toilets and breathe because I cant cope! At the moment in my health class, we are talking about mental health even just thinking about it makes me wanna be sick. every time we start talking about it i have to leave and go to the toilet because i start having anxiety/panic attack! please help i don't want people to know i have anxiety! i feel like whenever my teacher starts describing someone with anxiety everyone starts looking at me and notices that i am doing everything she says! i just want to be normal.
  2. Croix
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    10222 posts
    16 March 2019 in reply to youcantknow

    Dear Youcantknow~

    Having an anxiety condition does make one fell the target for everyone's looks and thoughts. In fact it is a symptom of the conditon. In fact such feelings are very much exaggerated. I have the same thing , and sometimes it takes talking to another I trust to get me back in perspective.

    I've read some of your other posts, including where you mum and you have a relationship that is a bit up and down but where I suspect there is real love, even if some frustration.

    Also that you have medical support. Can I suggest you talk about this to both and see what happens? They may well have ideas on how you can practice thinking and controlled breathing to keep such situations more under control.

    I remember you have a new puppy, thinking of him might help.

    You know you are welcome here anytime with people that understand.


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  3. youcantknow
    youcantknow avatar
    34 posts
    17 March 2019 in reply to Croix
    Thanks for the support!

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