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Topic: Anxious about university

3 posts, 0 answered
  1. Jo22
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    6 March 2019

    I have only just signed up these forums so not really sure what I am doing but I really need some advice. I started university two weeks ago and I am finding it really hard to have the motivation to do anything. I am too scared to leave my room (I am staying in a residential college) so I have missed some lectures and keep missing meals. I went to my first tutorial today and I was late because I was too afraid to go into the room, then I couldn't take notes because I was too afraid to move. I keep having panic attacks and I'm not really sure why. I am a fairly quiet person but I have never had a problem walking to class alone but suddenly leaving my room is too much for me. I have tried talking to my mum about the situation but she just tells me to 'get over it' which doesn't really help all that much. I really don't know what to do so any advice is appreciated!

  2. quirkywords
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    6 March 2019 in reply to Jo22


    A warm welcome to the forum and well done for writing your first post.

    Congratulations for getting into university.

    Did you move to a different city to study and leave friends behind.?

    Going to university is a big step and it is very different from high school.

    Is there a someone in your residences who is doing the same course as you or whose lectures are near yours, so you could walk together.

    I assume there would be a counsellor's /person at the university who is there to help new students or an older student in the residences who may be able to help you.

    I think that because you managed to walk to your class alone before, you know you can do it , but you may need to be patient with yourself and get some help. I am sure other students will be feeling the same way.

    Thanks again for your first post. feel free to post as much as you want to.


  3. Psychologistry
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    14 posts
    10 March 2019 in reply to Jo22

    Hey Jo22,

    Qualifying for university is a big step in life. Congratulations for such an achievement.

    Obviously, your mother is not helping the situation, therefore don't rely on her to give you support. Go to a psychologist/psychiatrist and discuss the issue with them. They know a lot about mental health and will definitely be able to help you. Regular visits are essential.

    Then, you should try discuss it with your lecturer, or a university staff. Explain what is going on, so they are less harsh with you and understand what is going on.

    Make some friends. Have the courage to introduce yourself to them. Friends are vital for your mental health.

    Let's get to the point. But first, why can't you leave your room? I don't know why it would be such a challenge, and your answer would be appreciated. Put on some music while you walk to your lecture/tutorial, and immerse yourself in it so you don't worry about the lecture too much. And calm yourself down. Try to be rational and reasonable with your thoughts. Is it going to be the end of the world when I enter this room?

    So you've entered the lecture room. Now looking at a roomful of strangers will not help with your anxiety, so again, make friends. Try and focus as much as you can. Find a suitable way to calm yourself down. It may be listening to music, breathing deeply or clearing your mind, the list goes on. Just google "ways to calm yourself down" and there'll be lots of options.

    Once you've calmed down, tune yourself in. Listen as carefully as you can, and take notes. Whisk any undesirable thoughts away, and concentrate on writing down a summarized version of the lecture.

    I know how scary and intimidating for you, but just try your best to keep yourself in control.

    Hope this helped,


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