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Topic: Anyone else feel burnt out and like you don't know how you'll finish all your studying for term/semester?

2 posts, 0 answered
  1. lonelyglassesgirl
    lonelyglassesgirl avatar
    30 posts
    19 October 2019

    I feel like this. 25-year-old uni student, been studying full/part-time for years, doing pretty okay but absolutely sick of it and I've still got another year to go. One particular essay is absolutely destroying me; I only have limited time to work on it due to work, but in my non-work time I'm so exhausted I tend to procrastinate at least 50-70% of the time. It's coming along slowly, but I think it's rubbish.

    I also feel like my degree is worthless for getting any sort of job I'll enjoy, and the news of the coming recession is stressing me out. Also I've made a job application (for when my current fixed-term contract ends) and they're ghosting me, won't even reply to confirm they've received the application.

    Yeah, I just feel like a screw with all the thread worn off, like I can't be productive anymore. Work's a bit better; I was having a lot of panic attacks until about two weeks ago, which was really wearing me out, and even though that's improved, I feel like I'm still dealing with the cumulative effects. Sorry for the rant. That time of year, I guess.

  2. Hobojohnson
    Hobojohnson  avatar
    3 posts
    22 October 2019
    I'm sorry to hear, that seems intense. I recommend you watch Thomas Frank for specific tips on dealing with burnout. I have no idea what your degree is but I believe that its never too late. I myself did a marketing degree and thinking of going back to uni to study science as I have developed a passion for mathematics (who knew that maths could be fun when I let go of my self-hatred and anger?!!). Life is long. You're 25, and you still have a WHILE to experiment and try new things. Good luck and I hope you thrive in life!

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