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Topic: Feeling bad and using my phone as an escape

4 posts, 0 answered
  1. Cerise547
    Cerise547 avatar
    31 posts
    12 October 2019

    Hey all,

    so recently I’ve been feeling really strange- I feel tired, lazy, unhealthy (I’ve barely exercised for weeks and I’ve been eating pretty badly), rude and grumpy. I feel stuck in a rut and I feel disappointed with how I am and how I’m acting. I just feel strange like all of the time and to combat these feelings, I lie in my bed or on the couch for hours on my phone. I use stuff like Instagram, YouTube, and some other social media. I don’t wanna get up and I just use my phone as a way to ignore my real life. I feel a disconnect from my real life and the people around me. I feel like I’m stuck in a hole, but I’m too lazy to get out. I don’t want to face real life.

    i just checked my screen time, and last Sunday I spent over 9 hours on my phone. On school days I spend around 3/4 hours on my phone. Ugh.

    i also feel like I’ve been acting and speaking to others rudely, especially my mum. I feel like I can’t help it and then I feel awful afterwards, since she’s under a lot of stress too. This “stuck in a rut” feeling has made me so lazy that I don’t even help out around the house or do my chores, which disappoints my mum. I feel like I’m disappointing myself and the people around me.

    even when I’m at school I don’t talk to my friends at lunch, I just go on my phone and stay silent. My friends notice this since I’m normally quite talkative and bubbly, but when they ask about it I just say I’m tired. I just don’t want to talk with most of them.

    i feel awful, but I don’t want to talk to people about it in my real life because... I don’t know really. Maybe because I’m scared of judgement? Or I can’t be bothered? Or I don’t want to face what’s really going on? I don’t know, but I’m sick of this feeling. I feel stuck.

    That felt good to get that all off my chest. Please help if you can :)

  2. quirkywords
    Community Champion
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    quirkywords avatar
    11890 posts
    27 October 2019 in reply to Cerise547


    Welcome to the forum and thanks for writing your post.

    I am sorry it has taken a long time to reply to your post. This sometimes happens and is nothing to do with your post. Your post is valued .

    I am glad you felt good to write down your feelings and get it off your chest.

    It is sometimes easy to lose oneself in one’s phone or iPad when life seems a struggle.

    It can be scary when you notice yourself changing and others notice it too and it seems difficult to know what to do and who to trust.

    What would you like to do?

    Could you manage to talk to your mum. maybe you could even cut and paste this post and with editing , show it to her.

    Or would you feel up to your doctor or a teacher or year supervisor ar school..?

    I know people reading this will relate to what are you feeling . You are not alone and there is support here .


  3. Croix
    Community Champion
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    • Awarded by beyondblue for providing outstanding peer support to the online community over a period of 3+ years.
    Croix avatar
    10207 posts
    27 October 2019 in reply to Cerise547

    Dear Cerise547~

    I'll join Quirky in regretting you have waited so long for a reply. We wish the system worked better, sadly sometimes it lets us down. There is nothing about you or your post that caused the delay. It just sometimes happens.

    So if are still reading here I'll try to offer some thoughts. I've read your posts, they go back over a couple of years, and deal at least in part with how you see yourself, and how you think everyone else at school sees you.

    You do not regard yourself yourself well at all, which is a pity, you come across as a caring and sensitive person with a conscience

    This then came to a head where you made some remarks about your brother in an attempt to be funny - which you feel see was a mistake.

    OK, maybe it was, but not a big one, humor sometimes works, sometimes not, then it can appear unkind. There is a huge difference between a few words and actually being unkind, and treating your brother badly. A learning experience, but not something to fret on for too long.

    Actually what has being going on for too long is feeling uncomfortable with others , and imagining year 12 students have it all together, and you by comparison do not. This is no way to live. You need like everyone to be happy and feel supported most of he time.

    So now it looks like you are in retreat, staying away from social contact, and feeling unhappy. If life with others is uncomfortable, you feel criticized or regarded as less than every one else. Then to avoid those situations and escape into the worlds of YouTube and so on is very understandable

    Not good long term though.

    May I suggest you go back to your doctor, or if that is not practical see a school councilor and say that is happening and things do not seem to be improving.

    Perhaps you would be more comfortable phoning or web-chatting to the Kids Help Line (1800 55 1800) or https://kidshelpline.com.au/get-help/webchat-counselling/

    It's pretty good, sensible and realistic and very used to dealing with these sort of problems and can be a start to feeling better.

    What do you think?


  4. monkey_magic
    Valued Contributor
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    monkey_magic avatar
    3915 posts
    27 October 2019 in reply to Cerise547

    Hi Cerise 547,

    I'm a bit like you- always on my phone. A lot of the population are nowadays. I'm always surprised while catching public transport how many people are glued to their phones and not talking to each other. It's becoming a problem within itself.

    I was thinking perhaps you could cut down your screen time and set small goals- things to do to make you feel better within yourself. For eg.going for a walk, helping with the chores, doing something you love to do.

    Write out a plan for the day/week.

    I think when you're feeling better within yourself other things will start to improve/fall into place for eg. your energy levels,what you eat, how you feel, relationships etc. You'll want to engage more and be more present.

    You sound like you're tired of the way things have been and it's in your power to change them. Start slowly with small goals.

    I wish you all the best. Sorry your post was missed.



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