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Topic: Feeling/looking awkward

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  1. Rishia
    Rishia  avatar
    1 posts
    14 March 2019

    I just turned 14, and as you would expect I’m starting to get interested in festivals, parties and boys. But the thing is, I can’t stand the way I look or my stance.

    I never really worried about how awkwardly I ran or danced, until my family and friends started telling me about it. Now it’s the only thing on my mind. I’ll go to get up out of my seat in class, thinking I look awkward, or I’ll do a simple thing like bending down and grabbing my textbook and worry that people are judging me about how stiff I look.

    It makes life so difficult to enjoy. I’ve always loved dancing to music as a kid. Now it’s been different, I stare in the mirror and cringe as I watch myself dance. Soccer was a passionate sport of mine, now I don’t try. I’m always thinking about how my body is so stiff when I run and how uncomfortable I feel.

    I’ve always wanted to be that one popular person everyone loves, but I have the worst social anxiety. It really depends what days, but most of the time I feel so uncomfortable in class. Somebody will ask me a simple question like “what’s the time?” My face will turn bright red and then I’ll reply. After that, I’m stuck thinking about how red my face went and how stressed I am. I’m very open and confident around my close, small group of friends. But around others, especially boys, I get very overwhelmed.

    Thank you for reading! Please help me increase my social and physical confidence, I hate it so much!

  2. white knight
    Community Champion
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    white knight avatar
    9174 posts
    15 March 2019 in reply to Rishia

    Hi, welcome

    Well, to be truthful, we are all different and some of us are a little weird in our own way. I'm no different and have had physical appearance issues when young. I soon got over them when I realized that the things I didn't like about myself were part of me, that's the way it is and as you grow older these things are made less a joke about.

    But is does highlight lack of confidence. Try googling "increasing confidence". "Increasing self esteem". And also remember that one day a guy will come around and fall in love with you simply because you are you, not anyone else. That is the guy you want- one that accepts you for who you are.

    You could talk to your school counselor or GP about the problem further.


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