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Topic: I feel hopeless and I really want help.

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  1. alma.63685
    alma.63685 avatar
    7 posts
    2 April 2019

    I feel so sad lately. I have only 4 friends at school who I feel like I can trust, a boy in my class found out about who I like and he told him. Now I feel so stupid and hopeless. My parents are always fighting and I feel as if it's my fault. I've lost my appetite lately and my mum just makes everything worse because she tries to force me to eat since she feels someone at school has called me fat. I haven't eaten much today except for chocolate for lunch and a piece of toaster dinner. It's not as if we cant afford the food, I just don't know what wrong with me. I can't concentrate at school andI feel so fat, but when say that to my friends they think i'm so slim. I feel as if my parents love my sister more than they love me. For the past few months I've been noticing all the negative things about and don't feel as if it's normal. my mum is angry at me for not eating my lunch and getting my jacket dirty by falling over in the dirt at school. I just feel so alone and sad everyday. I can't concentrate on anything.

    I feel as if I want help and if you can, please reply I need support and advice...

  2. Hopetohelpandbehelped
    Hopetohelpandbehelped avatar
    1 posts
    2 April 2019 in reply to alma.63685


    I wanted to respond with some awesome advise. But I’m not sure that I can provide the assurance that may age gives me to you.

    I suppose I’d start with your mum loves you - never ever doubt that. Parents ( I’m one ) mess up there lives and as mature as we try to act we lash out without always understanding what we say or tone may mean to you. We try too but life beats us up sometimes as well. Give her a hug and tell her you love her - it may seem daggy but frankly she will really appreciate it. We all love to be loved.

    I’d go on to say - your mum is showing her love in part by worrying about what you eat - as annoying as that may seem. Chocolate for lunch in fairness is a pretty terrible meal - even if it would have tasted great.

    I’d go on to say - it is AWESOME - that you have 4 friends you trust - you see it as a small number - but it’s not.

    In terms of the boy and feeling like an idiot - whoever shared - well you know you can’t trust then - and frankly apart from being embarrassed ( damm it’s tough ) but pretty shortly someone else is going to make an arse of themselves and life will move on. One thing I would say is that when that next person does this stupid thing don’t laugh or poke fun at them cause you know how painful it is.

    Finally - your body image - that one I don’t know how to tackle - I can tell you it doesn’t matter what shape or size you are - you can and will find happiness. It may not happen right away - there may be painful years in between but you should always love yourself. Not to say you should abuse your body - look after it your going to need it for a long time - eat reasonable well / get some exercise and you will do great things in life ( and now I do sound like a dad )

    Keep your head up - you should be so very very proud that you are reaching out for help, so many people don’t - and Hope it helps:)

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  3. alma.63685
    alma.63685 avatar
    7 posts
    3 April 2019 in reply to Hopetohelpandbehelped
    thanks I really appreciate it
  4. Childatheart
    blueVoices member
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    Childatheart avatar
    12 posts
    6 April 2019 in reply to alma.63685
    Hey alma.63685, just wanted to say that I agree with Hopetohelpandbehelped. Being a teenager is hard (I was one a few years ago) and I understand your struggles. Perhaps you might want to use kind words to yourself, instead of saying the things you don't like about yourself, maybe you could say the things you like about yourself. Try and look after yourself, it's easy to forget (I've been there). If you're feeling sad and or lonely, perhaps doing some hobbies, hanging out with friends or talking out your problems to a trusted person may help. Good luck.

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