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Topic: I feel lost and alone after accident

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  1. Pinkrose
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    19 March 2019
    Hey so I've never written on here for myself before but I'm just really feeling lost and alone right now. I'm 21 years old female and was working until I had a pretty sever car accident about a year ago which rendered me unable to go back to work until I was well enough. At first they told me 1 month then 2 months then 4 etc and now we are here over a year later and I have just started back at work. I am struggling. I'm good at my job but it's overwhelming and still painful with my injuries and i am frustrated because I still can't do the hours I could before. I t feels like somone stole 1 year of my life and I'm so lost and don't know what to do. No one around me seems to understand how hard it is for me to go back to work when I've been down at home for so long. I just keep thinking about what my life would be like if I wasn't in that accident which I know is stupid to do but I can't help it. I feel lost and alone even though I have people physically around me. Anyway I don't know where I'm going with this or even if anyone will respond I guess I just wanted to talk about it somewhere. Thanks for taking the time to read if you did.
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  2. PamelaR
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    19 March 2019 in reply to Pinkrose

    Hi Pinkrose and welcome to Beyond Blue

    It is great you've found your way to our forums. The past year sounds extremely difficult and it's no wonder you are feeling the way you are when you go to work.

    I'm just wondering whether during your physical recovery, the hospital also provided support for your mental health? There is so much evidence about the post traumatic shock people experience after accidents. If you don't already have support networks in place, I'd think about visiting the doctor and getting a referral to a health professional with PTSD experience. The sooner you can do this, the easier things will be.

    It is quite normal for you to react to work the way you are. It has been 12 months. Things change, you've changed. You've been through an awful lot. Does the HR area of your organisation have a 'return to work officer'? Are you able to talk with your manager/supervisor about how you are feeling.

    You'll find people in our community have different experiences and will give different viewpoints. My view is only one. It may be that approaching your manager/supervisor isn't the wisest. That's something you may need to think about.

    There are many here who have had similar experiences to you. Have you had a browse of our forums yet? Feel free to do so and join in discussions that you relate to. You can do a search of keywords in our search field at the top of the page, e.g.

    • accident PTSD triggers
    • motor vehicle accident
    • major anxiety after car accident

    Hope some of this helps Pinkrose to know you're not alone. Keep reaching out if and when you want to.

    Kind regards


  3. dee.d
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    8 posts
    21 March 2019 in reply to Pinkrose

    hey there,

    i want you to know that i am so sorry to hear how much that car accident seems to have affected you,

    but you're coping with it, you are even if it doesn't feel like you are,

    you are so brave, and so strong for even making the moves to go back to work at all, no matter how long it will take you to fully feel like you have recovered,

    you just need to stay strong and persistent.

    i myself, am 22, and was in the passenger seat of a car accident last year - and can relate to how you feel;

    the feeling of being alone. no one knows how you feel, because they haven't experienced what you have,

    communication is obviously the best way to gain the understanding of others - but just ensure yourself, that you are not alone - people all around the world are dealing with similar circumstances and even though it may seem like all hope is lost,

    it is not, you will be able to move forward as long as you stick true to yourself - and mend.

    i know how hard it can be, but just do the best you can, that's all anyone can ever ask of you, that's all YOU can ask of yourself.

    stay strong,


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