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Topic: I need a diagnosis but im scared to ask for one

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  1. MacaroniNoodles
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    13 March 2021
    Hey there,

    I am a 16 (almost 17) year old who needs some advice.

    Within the past probably 2 or so years as i have gone through puberty, I have started to notice that it has become increasingly hard to concentrate among other things. I have done a bunch of research around ADHD and really dont want to self diagnose but i fit the bill pretty closely. I dont quite know if these symptoms are due to my anxiety (which i know can coincide with adhd) or if it seriously is something to look into getting tested for.

    Now heres the problem, my parents. They both are very much your "stop being dramatic, its just your mind finding excuses" type of people and also dont realise that not everyone with adhd presents the same way. What is a good way for me to possibly bring up the idea of going for testing?

    I just need to know what's going on in my mind.

  2. smallwolf
    Community Champion
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    13 March 2021 in reply to MacaroniNoodles

    hi and welcome.

    when things seemed wrong for me and I googled my "symptoms" one of the places I came to was here - well, that is beyond blue web site and to the K10 test. And from there I went to my GP.

    And being at teen can be a tricky thing (for parents as well) - speaking as a parent. I am sorry to read your parents are not being very supportive of you in this instance. In relation to concentration only, there can also be other causes relating to stress or sleep or ??? Here I am only speaking for myself but this is where let the professionals take over. You also seems to understand the difficulties or dangers associated with self diagnosis. Perhaps you might be able to talk to a teacher or school counsellor about all of this and they might have some ideas to help you out.

    Back to myself... I have had difficulties in concentration myself. I have what I will refer to as depression and anxiety. Boring I know. I sometimes wish to be able to capture the different things I experience under one label. In that respect I hope you work out what is affecting you at the moment, whether it is adhd or not.

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  3. stancepunk
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    5 posts
    13 March 2021 in reply to MacaroniNoodles

    Hi Macaroninoodles

    smallwolf is right, you could talk to a counselor in your school if you are comfortable with that. When I was scared of letting my parents know that I might be depressed, I talked to the school counsellor and they asked me if I wanted them to call my parents and tell them about my problems on my behalf. They arranged a meeting w/ my parents and talked to them, saying I should get checked out by my GP. Maybe your parents will be more open to the idea if they hear it from a counselor, that's what worked for me.

    Hope all goes well !

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  4. Croix
    Community Champion
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    10168 posts
    13 March 2021 in reply to MacaroniNoodles

    Dear MacaroniNoodles~

    Welcome back, I think it is about a year when you wrote to the Forum before and have faced a fair number of most difficult and worrying things in your life.

    You mentioned you had been diagnosed with general, social and performance anxiety which as I know from my own experience changes the whole feeling of your life and presents matters in such a way you can’t help feeling they are going to turn out badly. One gets very sick of this happening every day when others seem to sail through life without a care.

    Although diagnosed you also have said your parents are not that sympathetic and don’t really seem to understand what is going on.

    I think you were asked this before but did not come back, do you have a GP, councilor or physiologist to help you with these conditions?

    If not, and now with the increasing worry over ADHD, it would be just the right time to take action and get both diagnosis, assistance and some understanding. I simply kept on getting worse until I got the proper medical treatment. That was the start of my improvement, now I’m good.

    I’d have to say Dr Google is not the best place to find out about yourself. Professional diagnosis by somebody properly trained is the only way to go, otherwise you can be led down completely the wrong track.

    If you do not have medical support I remember you were reluctant to see the school counselor, is that still the case? To get started the Kids Help Line (1800 55 1800), or
    is a good place to talk with professionals or web-chat with. They can be hard to get on to and only allow limited time, even though very understanding and capable, so please make sure you have what you what to describe about your life ready to go first.

    You have had some good advice as to how you perceive yourself as “not quite straight" so I hope it was of some use to you and now you are surer about yourself.

    I’d really like it if you came back and talked some more, here we do care


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  5. geoff
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    14905 posts
    14 March 2021 in reply to MacaroniNoodles

    Hello MacaroniNoodles, a great pleasure for you to join us on the forums, and when you say you're going through puberty then it's highly likely that's the reason why your parents are making these remarks to you, because many changes are going to happen to your body with or without any knowledge as it slowly turns you into becoming an adult, quite an exciting period for anyone.

    At your age, you are allowed to see a doctor by yourself, as your health care rights and responsibilities change as you move towards adulthood, so if you want to see another doctor and form a healthy professional patient/doctor confidentiality where they will be able to get your history from the family doctor with your consent and then discuss your concerns with them.

    Kids Helpline as Croix has suggested would also be a terrific opportunity to talk to trained counsellors, these people dress in casual clothes which can be an asset to feel comfortable.

    Best wishes.


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