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Topic: I need advice

6 posts, 0 answered
  1. Idunnoman
    Idunnoman avatar
    15 posts
    23 July 2019

    So I’ve wrote on here before when I was deep in depression. It is different now though. It feels like I have no emotions anymore. Maybe I am crazy or maybe this is how everyone feels and I am overthinking but it seems like everything is so dull. Sometimes I feel sad but not that often anymore. I can’t feel anything. I almost want to go back to how I used to be - crying every night ect. - because atleast at that point I could feel. My brother who lives away came home for the weekend and I should have been happy/excited but I didn’t feel anything.

    I’ve been considering going to a psychologist again but I’m not sure. I don’t want to go if I am just making something out of nothing.

    Btw I am 15 and it also makes going to school very hard because I understand why I have to go but I don’t care and I can’t make myself care about getting good grades.

  2. hanne6
    hanne6 avatar
    12 posts
    24 July 2019 in reply to Idunnoman

    Hi Idunnoman,

    It can be really difficult to feel like you don't care about what's going on around you. I've experienced this too, both during high school and now at university. Finding any motivation to keep studying was a struggle and I was no longer interested in trying to connect with people. These were both things I'd tried my best at previously.

    It seems like seeing your family and grades were things you cared about in the past, or at least felt something towards. This is probably one sign that you're not making something out of nothing. I'm constantly worried about this myself and it can make it difficult to see someone about how I'm feeling.

    Not feeling anything or caring about things you used to care about can definitely be a part of depression. It can be worthwhile sharing this with a psychologist, especially if it's helped in the past. It's unlikely you're over thinking this since it sounds like you don't feel like yourself.

  3. Swan.13
    • Masters of Psychology student on placement
    Swan.13 avatar
    65 posts
    24 July 2019 in reply to Idunnoman

    Hi Idunnoman,

    I completely agree with hanne6. It doesn't sound like you're making something out of nothing. Just because your loss of emotions this time looks different than the emotions you outwardly experienced last time, it doesn’t make them any less valid. Everyone experiences depression in different ways and there’s no right or wrong answer for how you feel. Your feelings are unique to you and your situation and that is okay.

    It makes sense that you're struggling to find motivation to get good grades when everything seems so dull at the moment. I think forgiving yourself for feeling this way about school and seeing your brother is completely acceptable. It sounds like you’re going through a rough time. It’s okay to prioritise your mental health and get the help and support you deserve. It sounds like you’ve managed to get yourself out of a deep depression in the past when you were posting previously and I hold that hope for you again. What do you feel worked for you last time?

    If you feel like seeing a psychologist may help a little then I encourage you to do this - you’re deserving of help and support and you shouldn't have to go through this alone.

  4. Idunnoman
    Idunnoman avatar
    15 posts
    8 September 2019 in reply to Swan.13

    It doesn’t feel like I’ve got myself out of depression ever though, it’s just changed. Maybe this isn’t depression. But it’s nothing. It feel like nothing and everything feels pointless. I don’t know if I’m just being dramatic or something so I don’t want to go to a psychologist. Should I see a psychologist? Is this a real thing or am I making stuff up? I don’t know if this is a type of depression or it’s just my personality has changed.

  5. - Brayden -
    - Brayden -  avatar
    6 posts
    10 September 2019 in reply to Idunnoman

    Hey there,

    I get that. I've been there before where there hasn't been any feelings but just dullness in the world you see. sometimes we feel this because of something in your life blocking you.

    when I experienced this, I did meditation. If you search on YouTube for meditation you can find so many that can calm and bring love and light in your life. I was very surprised that I was able to feel.

    is there anything else in your life? Like what has been the negative things in your life (Example - Your brother moving out) did the bond you had with your brother maybe have something to do with this?

  6. Idunnoman
    Idunnoman avatar
    15 posts
    21 September 2019 in reply to - Brayden -
    No, my brother moving out didn’t affect me much because I never hung out with him anyway. I’ve been like this for a fair while (since the start of the year I think). I’ve tried meditation and it’s not really my thing but I appreciate the suggestion. I’m just so lost and most of the time I don’t notice but sometimes I feel so sad again. I can’t stop thinking negative things and I still hope bad things happen to me to avoid going to work or school ect.

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