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Topic: I promise, things get better :)

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  1. _-Jack-_
    _-Jack-_ avatar
    4 posts
    26 January 2021

    Hello all,

    It has been four years since I have posted on this website, first when I was 14 and I am now almost 19. I struggled a lot with depression and anxiety and having low self worth. Back when I was younger I honestly thought that I would feel terrible forever, I didn't see any way out of the feelings I felt. I was morbidly obese, had very few friends, had no luck in love and always felt like the outcast in most settings.

    Now that I am back here after four years I'm proud to say that I genuinely value and love life. I saw a psychologist for 3 years, and as daunting as it was when I first started I cannot express how valuable that was. Personally it took me a few psychologists until I found the one that I clicked with, but when I did and I started to work through my mental health issues it made all the difference. I still suffer from my mental health issues but now I have the tools I need to deal with my emotions and it feels great to be in control. I have also since lost 37 kilograms in the four years and have a genuine passion for achieving the best version of myself I possibly can. I always thought I would be alone forever, but now I am in a serious relationship of almost 2 years.

    To any young people that feel as though life sucks and things won't get better, please know that if you take the right steps your life can and will become something that is genuinely worth living and embracing. Im not sure if it is possible but if anyone, and I mean anyone needs someone to talk to, I am always open to hear you out.

    Stay strong, you are loved.

    Jack :)

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  2. geoff
    Life Member
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    14905 posts
    26 January 2021 in reply to _-Jack-_

    Hello Jack, I take my hat off to you, as the change you have now become must feel absolutely fantastic.

    You have realised that you needed help and put in the hard yards, so to speak.

    It must feel great to be in a relationship, lose some weight and seen or perhaps still seeing a psychologist and please remember that the first one we see might not be the person we feel comfortable with, but to keep searching is a marel to your character.

    No one can be called perfect and in saying that, everybody has their own days when they don't feel 100% mentally, but being able to work through or sort out these problems is why we seek professional help.

    Well done, Jack, and I'm sure you will be able to help any people on the forums.

    See you around.


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  3. quirkywords
    Community Champion
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    quirkywords avatar
    11555 posts
    26 January 2021 in reply to _-Jack-_


    I want to thank you for sharing your story with honesty .

    I am glad you have explained your struggle amd how your determination ended in finding someone who could help.

    Your message that things will get better is and encouraging one. Also you now have the tools to cope if you need them.

    Thanks again Jack

  4. Missing user
    Missing user avatar
    26 January 2021 in reply to _-Jack-_

    Hey Jack, welcome (or welcome back) to the forums.

    That's amazing, I'm happy and proud of you, awesome work! I'm always here if you need someone, I'm young aswell (21).

  5. therising
    Valued Contributor
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    therising avatar
    2007 posts
    26 January 2021 in reply to _-Jack-_

    Hi Jack

    You are such a beautiful, soulful and inspiring person :)

    Thank you so much for sharing. I'm so glad you have come so far on your journey of self discovery/self understanding. You've faced many challenges in raising yourself and I'm glad you are feeling the rewards that have come with rising to these challenges. It is a powerful thing to raise your self. You are a powerful person and a true gift to those who you inspire.

    I can easily imagine you continuing to be brilliant and inspiring light in the way forward for those whose path feels so dark at times :)

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