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Topic: issues with friends

2 posts, 0 answered
  1. cripjay15
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    11 posts
    25 September 2019

    Just recently two of my friends have gotten into alcohol (they are 15 btw), and stealing from stores. Also one of my friends has gotten into drugs.

    In the past we have kinda had a falling out but i’m the one who was the strong one a sucked it up. A couple weeks ago we had a end of season break up for sport with those same friends, who most of the time bragged about how they drink and do drugs. Anyway i had a shit night and to top it all off on the way home i had a fight with my mum, she ended up locking me outside to “think about stuff”. i ended up thinking too much (as i would cause of my anxiety) so i decided to turn my phone off and walk it out at 11 o’clock at night fully having an anxiety attack. mum ended up nearly calling the police. but this night was actually a break through because i just fully opened up to my parents about all the shit that is happening in my life. my mum ended up being really good about it but organised for me to speak with the school councillor. which i don’t really want so i am completely over thinking about everything that can go wrong.

    To top all this shit off it was my birthday today and i had organised to see one of my other friends but she ended up surprising me with my two alcoholic friends who surprised me with an anxiety attack for a present when they stole stuff from a store. ended up pulling a i am about to pee my pants situation and ran off before i broke down

    anyway i just need some advice it’s not like i can make new friends because my sporting and social life is all linked and i would not cope trying to find new ones

  2. romantic_thi3f
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    26 September 2019 in reply to cripjay15

    Hi cripjay15,

    Welcome to the forums and thanks for joining us.

    I'm not sure how much advice I can give you but I thought at the very least I'd wish you a late happy birthday! Unfortunately I only just saw this post so I hope you've been doing alright since yesterday. It sounds like things have been really hard lately.

    As much as I hated reading that your mum locked you out of the house, I'm really glad that you were able to talk to her about it. I'm guessing that you've been keeping a lot of this stuff in, especially if you're friends are stealing it's not very easy to really talk to anyone about it!

    I also get too that you don't want to speak to a school counsellor, but I kind of agree with your mum on this one and I think it might be a good idea. They're the ones who can listen to it all - alcohol, stealing, anxiety attacks - and not judge you. They also have to keep confidentiality unless you were planning to hurt yourself or someone else, so you could tell them about your friends stealing and they wouldn't be allowed to tell the police or any of their parents (just in case that was something you were worried about).

    For what it's worth too, I was in the same boat, with friends that were doing drugs that I was not at all keen on. Kudos to you for not joining in, even though sometimes it can make you/me/us feel isolated or disconnected. For me personally, I ended up staying friends with them but just holding up my own boundaries, and then kind of making new friends at the same time. But honestly everyone is different; I'm not sure what it will look like for you but hopefully if you can maybe manage some anxiety it will help you make other decisions too.


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