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Topic: Leaving home?

3 posts, 0 answered
  1. keith1234
    keith1234 avatar
    5 posts
    1 November 2019

    Hi all

    I posted here a few years ago about my depression but I don't care enough to actually follow advice to get any better. Anyway, I've been struggling lately because I am currently in my 3rd year of uni (out of 7 years total) and I've been failing A LOT. My WAM is ~49.5 so I have no hope of transferring to a different course at my uni. Neither do I have the motivation or desire to actually study anything. Because of this, I'm dropping uni (rather, soon to be kicked out) and my parents are kicking me out as a result.

    I'd like some advice on what I should do, where I should even start with my life; I'm 21, I have no real work experience, no income, volunteered for the last few years, no other qualifications, no driver's license, no partners or support networks, no fitness, and no passions or interests (outside of gaming lol).

    My parents want me to continue in my studies at uni, but I have no motivation to continue at this point. It's a tough spot to be in and all I feel is stuck in an increasingly deeper hole.

  2. geoff
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    15070 posts
    2 November 2019 in reply to keith1234

    Hello Keith, there is a big difference between your parents wanting you to continue uni, compared to how you are feeling and what you want.

    I was forced into doing a course straight after year 12, that's not what I wanted, I wanted to work, and the 3 year diploma was a waste of time, I didn't any bit of it and a waste of time.

    If your parents are kicking you out because you're stopping uni isn't fair, so can I suggest you say that you are postponing your studies for the time being and can return to do them later on, other than that, there are ways to get you into your own place in the situation you 're in.

    Maybe you should have been helped to get your car licence, and encouraged to find a small part time job.

    Your local 'community health centre' does provide an exercise program at least once a week, somewhere for you to begin, but please let me know how you can move into a unit for yourself.

    Take care.


  3. monkey_magic
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    3915 posts
    2 November 2019 in reply to keith1234

    Hi Keith1234,

    I like what Geoff suggested. Say to your parents you're postponing your studies and in that time look for a job so you can start to get on your feet.

    If they still kick you out I'd suggest looking at shared accommodation on flatmates.com or gumtree. It's cheap rent. If you're then struggling with food you can go to churches or charities. Centrelink will give you rent assistace and you can start from there. Then look for some work with the help of a job provider which centrelink will link u up with.

    On Newstart I was able to afford my rent at $160 week for a room. From there u can get other things done like your license and so on.

    It's a struggle with depression but you'll be surprised at what u can do when u don't have a choice.


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