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Topic: Newbie here---Would like some advice on how to balance work and studies...

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  1. dustinB
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    3 posts
    21 March 2019

    I work in a hotel, housekeeping department, and at the same time studying too. I have a hard time balancing both since I need to keep the job too to pay for my tuition. Any tips on how to manage both without having panic attacks?


  2. white knight
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    21 March 2019 in reply to dustinB

    Hi, welcome

    Panic attacks is a serious symptom of anxiety. I've had them. In fact I was diagnosed with a heart attack at first, in error! Then came therapy and that was a Godsend however I refused at first. Glad I did it.

    You likely wont have such an opportunity being so busy. So, I have written a thread here that you can GOOGLE . Just need to read the first post.

    Beyondblue topic anxiety, how I eliminated it


    Beyondblue topic the balance of your life

    I hope they help out. Repost anytime


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  3. Summer Rose
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    21 March 2019 in reply to dustinB

    Hi dustinB

    Thank you for sharing your story. You sound like an industrious, hard worker walking a tight rope. Balance and organisation are the key.

    Get a calendar and record your upcoming academic due dates. Now record paid work shifts. Now look at the time left and block off time for study, sleep, exercise, meals, etc. Now consider if your plan is realistic.

    If not, you may occasionally need to take time off work to meet your study goals. Or you could consider permanently dropping a shift and cutting the budget. Or you may consider dropping a subject (this will extend your study time but safeguard your health).

    It's also helpful to make sure you are using all of your time egfectively. For example, you can use commute time to read/listen to audio tapes or to nap or to just decompress. Think about what works best for you.

    Most of all remember to breath. Be kind to yourself. And if things become too much, pop in to see your GP for a chat.

    Kind thoughts to you

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