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Topic: no friends

2 posts, 0 answered
  1. Guest_026
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    13 March 2019
    hey everyone, im 17 yr old female in my second term of year 12. I have only 2 friends and neither of them do anything social, one of them has super strict family and isnt allowed to, the other just doesnt do anything; they both have mental health issues and are quite stagnant in their lifestyles and dont really do anything new. I love my friends but i feel like im going insane with boredom and loneliness, im usually surrounded by negativity, and i have a past with my social life that has kinda effed me up,( ive been hurt by alot of people ). Long story short, i cant make any new friends at my school and i live in a rural town where if you dont play a generic sport (soccer, AFL, touch, tennis, netball, swimming etc), then there is nothing here for you. Im extremely lonely and just want to live like a normal teenager, i want to party and meet new people, i want to be adventurous and spontaneous, i want to be a teenager; but i dont have anyone to be one with. I dont know what to do.
  2. white knight
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    15 March 2019 in reply to Guest_026

    Hi, welcome

    Ive just written a post in "young people" that might interest you called "how to make friends". Look for that.

    Your rural town location is your restriction. I also live in one. That leaves you with few options.

    I would commit myself as a spectator at the sports you mentioned. I'd also condider approaching a footy club to help out with the social side..

    Like cooking the sausages on training night. Selling raffle tickets, getting involved.

    Remember, such people you meet there have families and those people you'll meet- the snowball effect.


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