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Topic: poor mental health symptoms are confusing me

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  1. lmaydnn
    lmaydnn avatar
    2 posts
    9 November 2020
    on and off i've had periods of low mental health but recently for the past couple weeks its been the worst its ever been. I've felt emotionally numb and empty and detached. All my energy has been drained and i've been so tired, weak and fatigued. My muscles have been aching and i've been crying for no reason. I've also had the feeling that bugs are crawling on me, feeling like the room is slowly spinning or im rocking back and forth but am being still and that the world is moving in slow motion. Also i had one day where it looked like the walls in my room were moving and have been zoning out to the point where people have been concerned about me and i've booked a doctors appointment. However suddenly i'm feeling fine and im just really confused because i feel like my mental health is just an ongoing cycle of good and bad ranging from days to weeks and i've already seen a doctor a couple months before and they just said that everyone goes through ups and downs however my symptoms were quite full on and i'm worried next time my mental health goes bad again it will be worse and i just am so confused what is happening just because it says that illnesses such as depression are an ongoing thing and that they don't take breaks.
  2. Sophie_M
    Sophie_M avatar
    5893 posts
    9 November 2020 in reply to lmaydnn
    Hi Imaydnn,

    Welcome to our friendly online community - it's great that you reached out here today. We're so sorry to hear that you've had such distressing symptoms. We understand that it might feel really confusing that you don't have these anymore, but please know that it's still a positive thing that you're seeing a doctor for some support and advice.

    Mental health can have 'cycles', as can depression. We'd recommend that you try not to self-diagnose, and instead try to clearly communicate your symptoms to the doctor as best you can. You might find it useful to take a look at our page "Have the conversation: how to talk to your doctor" - https://www.beyondblue.org.au/get-support/online-forums/treatments-health-professionals-and-therapies/have-the-conversation-how-to-talk-to-your-doctor

    However, please don't feel alone in the meantime until your appointment. You are always welcome to get in touch with Kids Help Line. They are a confidential and anonymous, telephone and online counselling service specifically for young people aged 25 and under. 

    Please feel free to reach out here whenever you're feeling up to it to let us know hwo you're going.
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  3. Croix
    Community Champion
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    10343 posts
    11 November 2020 in reply to lmaydnn

    Dear Imaydnn~

    I'd like to join Sophie_M in welcoming you here and can recommend, as she does, the Kids Help Line, or their chat version. They can be very helpful and realistic.

    Now, I do not find your symptoms are anything like mine have been - I'm no doctor and have a sample of exactly one (me) to draw on. I've PTSD, bouts of depression and continuing anxiety.

    It is true matters do have ups and downs, though I've found my down periods have been about my moods crying, feeling suicidal, anger, fearfulness, and similar (making me very hard to live with in the past). Things are a lot better now. I never felt the world was literally going out of shape.

    May I suggest that due to the severity of your symptoms you record them as best you can at the time or as close after as possible. In other words keep a journal containing not only times but as detailed a description of your feelings in each episode as you can bring yourself to do (some things maybe you will find too hard).

    This makes an excellent tool for medical professionals to understand the extremity of your state, and as a by-product may produce patterns.

    While I'm glad you feel better now these episodes may reoccur so getting prepared now would seem reasonable.

    May I ask if you have anyone to support you, someone you can confide in without reservation? It makes a huge difference not to have to face this all alone.

    They may even act as a scribe on some occasions.

    The whole idea of this is of course for your doctors to see the full picture, investigate physical causes, and if there do not appear to be any then refer you on to a more specialized person such as a psychiatrist.

    The way you describe things is no way to live, life can be better than that.

    I hope to talk wiht you again


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  4. lmaydnn
    lmaydnn avatar
    2 posts
    19 November 2020
    Thanks everyone for their help, i started getting visual hallucinations like feeling like the walls were moving and stuff so i went to the doctor and i'm getting an mri and a blood test. The doctor says it could be numerous things such as a type of epilepsy, a nutritional defiency, schizophrenia or bipolar.
  5. Croix
    Community Champion
    • Outstanding members who have volunteered their time to support others here on the forums
    • Awarded by beyondblue for providing outstanding peer support to the online community over a period of 3+ years.
    Croix avatar
    10343 posts
    19 November 2020 in reply to lmaydnn

    Dear lmaydnn~

    I'm very glad you are getting the physical alternatives investigated before just assuming a mental health condition. Your doctor sounds very sensible

    - good luck


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