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Topic: Work problem or depression?

3 posts, 0 answered
  1. Sea King
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    19 February 2020

    I'm a creative type who has finished the main creative projects and who has no motivation for ordinary work. When I was young, I had hope of creative success to keep me motivated during ordinary work, but now that hope is gone. I’ve had about 35 jobs, so I know the score.

    One option now is self-employment. I'm good at playing the stock market, but you need serious capital to avoid panic and to live off when the market is going slow. The solution for that is normally to work and save the capital, but I have no motivation for that. So I'm feeling stuck.

    Actually, I'd be okay with an extremely minimalist lifestyle. But you've still got to pay for rent and food, which means being on the dole or working. So it feels like a relentless pressure coming from the world. I wish there was an option like receiving half of the dole but with no pressure to look for work. I could probably do 4 hours per day just sorting boxes or something, but even then the boss needs to be happy. And my employment history doesn’t look great to employers.

    I don't think the problem is laziness. The problem with ordinary work is that I struggle with new tasks and get stressed dealing with unhappy bosses in the workplace. Also, I start worrying about being stuck in a boring job for the rest of my life. That's when I go into a really dark place. I'm afraid of getting into that situation again.

    Any thoughts?

  2. smallwolf
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    19 February 2020 in reply to Sea King

    Hi and welcome to beyond blue.

    I might not provide you with any answers, but I sure started with a number of questions. On the positive side, and without knowing your age (not asking) that you have had 35 different jobs and can assume that for some you would have been interviewed, would indicate that you have not had much trouble finding jobs.

    what were your creative projects?

    what sort of things are you passionate about? there are some jobs that might not be boring? one of my jobs is as a parish admin and i would say that from week to the week there is always something different to deal with. then there are people who change careers every few years. there are some people that have left the rat race and take up cleaning businesses or lawn mowing (self-employed if you will) and are quite content do that.

    I notice you mentioned the boss needs to be happy. I am wondering what would make them unhappy. Or what happened that made them unhappy previously. Or is it just a perception thing? Finally, what happened to made the hope disappear?

    other questions can wait for a future post. You sound like a very interesting person.


  3. geoff
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    13475 posts
    20 February 2020 in reply to Sea King

    Hello Sea King, welcome to the forums.

    You seem to have a creative mind which could be why you've had 35 jobs, but reading your comment, self employment has its advantages and needs not only someone thinking about how your business is advertised and how you can run and maintain it.

    Financial necessities need to be set up, just as your future plan and to answer the question you have asked we're not qualified to do so, but if I was a friend, some businesses just fall into your lap, while others may need help to begin.

    If depression has engulfed or approaching then this needs to get all the help you need before starting your own business.

    Let us know how you feel.


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